How To Use Liquid And Powder Illuminator?


In the make-up world, one of our new eyes illuminates each other with wonderful shades. So highlighter … These enlightening products, which have become indispensable for make-up, are taking us from us with the looks they create in the face. Because the skin looks bright and shiny, it is as important as make-up elements, such as the fondues and closers. While this is the case, of course there are many kinds and the choice is getting a bit difficult at this point. Is this liquid in our writing? Or is it a powder illuminator? And we will share with you how and when to use it.

Which one to use?

First, we want to point out that dust and liquid illuminators must be used for different purposes. Liquid illuminators contain more pigment than those with dust. Hence, they are used to illuminate some percentage points. It is also the most suitable product for strobing which is the trend makeup technique of the season.

The powder illuminators provide a more natural application. So it can be used to add the whole face glow. You can also apply powder lighters on your foundation and your skin. This helps you catch a dewy (wet) look.

Liquid enlightening

You can apply with a clean makeup sponge while using a liquid illuminator. Apply the product to your cheekbones, to the nostrils, to your eyebrows just before you apply your foundation and before applying the sealant.

Liquid illuminators will perfect your skin look when applied naturally.

Powder enlightening

If you are using a powder-form illuminator, using a large powder brush or an angled blush brush will be the right choice. Apply the powder illuminator to the cheeks, jaws, nose and forehead after applying the foundation. As the application is not fixed to certain places, it will be consequently directed to a more radiant skin appearance as opposed to contouring.

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