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Pregnancy Tracking-2


Month 2 (weeks 5.6.7 and 8)

YOU; This month hunger, stress and fatigue can cause you to suffer headaches. You may feel burning before and after meals. The food rising up from your pipe can be a feeling of hunger. In the morning, especially in the morning, you may have nausea and this may take a few hours. Your waist begins to expand. However, since your abdomen has not yet grown, it may not be clear that you are pregnant from the outside. Complaints such as burning, indigestion, bloating8. May continue until week.

YOUR BABY; Your baby’s organs slowly begin to form this month. At week 6, you can see your baby’s heartbeat and hear heartbeats on the ultrasound. The central nervous system, bone formation and placenta will develop during this period. In the meantime, the brain continues to develop rapidly. Arms, legs, face and hands formed toes. Eyelids occur. Muscles move. By the end of this month your baby has reached the size of hazelnut. The pain is lighter than 2gr, the size is 20mm. (These rates may vary from person to person.)

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