Makeup Technique: Baking

How is Makeup Technique Baking Applied?

baking-up Baking, the cooking technique. A brand new make-up technique after the technique of stroke and strobing. It's like we're going to change our point of view entirely with this new technical closure …  The baking technique involves fixing our make-up using a body warmer. In this view, a more perfect and bright appearance comes to the fore. She ends up wearing make-up that seems to be full of lines and cracks. 1. Moisturize your eye area: First apply moisturizing cream to your skin and moisten this sensitive area. Then apply the makeup base to your eye circles. 2. Apply Concealer to Eyebrows: It is important to apply eyebrow concealer correctly. If the application is faulty, the sealant may give your skin a cracked appearance after a while. Apply the Concealer from your cheeks, your temples and your eyes. Then distribute with make-up brush or light moisturizing make-up sponge with gentle movements. cooking-technique-makyaj-- 3. Some More Concealer: Apply one more coat of concealer at this stage. You might think that you are using a concealer too much, but apply it again by fixing the make-up and repeating the above operation once more for a perfect look. After the second layer sealer, distribute with the help of brush or sponge. 4. In case of Applying Powder: With a suitable powder brush, apply the powder onto the areas where you apply the sealant. Apply a coat of powder for a strong appearance. But this time apply the brush by moisturizing it. Wait 5 to 10 minutes for all your treatments to 'cook'. 5. Mix: Mix your makeup by distributing powder residues with a suitable foundation foundation brush.

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